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About The Feldenkrais Method®: Awareness Through Movement

Join us April 7th and 8th for Feldenkrais Class-Group Class and Private Sessions
Presented by Madeleine Perrone, Guild Certified Teacher/Body in Motion
Hosted by Lilly Hart

Feldenkrais FlyerClick flier to view or print the PDF file.

Enhance coordination, balance and flexibility through a unique and gentle method while transforming the way you approach yoga, dance and everyday movements. Join us for the Feldenkrais Method and learn how to Move Young and Move Smarter!

Where: Studio Vue, 31359 Dahlem Dr., Exeter, CA

When: Sunday, April 7th. 2-4 PM Group Class - Cost: $45 per person.
2 Private Sessions available Sunday at 12PM and 12:45PM - Cost: $55 per session.

Monday, April 8th. 3 Private Sessions Available - 9AM, 9:45AM, and 10:30AM.
Cost:$55 per session.

RSVP/Book class or private session with Lilly Hart at (559)589-41432 or email Lilly.

Contact Madeleine Perrone with questions about the Feldenkrais Method and her group and individual classes. Call: (559)-240-7895. Visit BodyinMotion web site.
Email Madeleine.

*Dress in comfortable clothing and reserve your spot with Lilly Hart today! Remember to get the gate code from Lilly so that you can access the beautiful Studio Vue for class.

More about Feldenkrais Method and Guild Certified Teacher Madeleine Perrone. Click Here.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

  1. a system designed to promote bodily and mental well-being by conscious analysis of neuromuscular activity via exercises that improve flexibility and coordination and increase ease and range of motion.

Scientists now know that we continue to create new pathways in the brain as we age. These ideas were not new to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, creator of the Feldenkrais Method®.The classes are unique and challenging, combining movements that seem unrelated at first but later connect to an entire action, making the lessons diverse and interesting. Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) group classes take place on the floor; yet there are many lessons that are experienced sitting, standing, or walking. These lessons are verbally directed using attention and imagination. The movements are subtle, which helps to develop awareness. They help the student learn to relax and abandon habitual patterns that no longer serve to enhance ease of movement.

The other technique used in the Feldenkrais Method® is Functional Integration® (FI), which are private lessons with a Feldenkrais practitioner. Sessions usually take place on a low table or chair, where the practitioner suggests movement possibilities by gently moving the student, thus re-educating the nervous system.

The FI session is so gentle and non-intrusive, that you will be surprised how effective it can be! This is because this method is based on viewing the body's potential and not its limitations. It does not focus on tight muscles, weak muscles, misalignment, or structural deficiencies. Instead, both FI and AMT focus on the re-education of habitual patterns that can create pain.

The Feldenkrais Method ® offers several benefits to our well-being:

• Move with flexibility and strength

• Be rid of aches and pains

• Acquire tools to improve your fitness practice; yoga, golf, running, etc.

• Find new possibilities

• Learn to organize ourselves more efficiently

• Action becomes easier, more fluid, and more enjoyable through awareness

How does it work? It combines the understanding of physics, judo, yoga, anatomy, neurophysiology, learning theory, developmental movement patterns, and biochemistry. In offering new ways of thinking about movement, it is a continual learning experience for anyone, at any age.

Madeleine Perrone is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. She works with adults and children using the Feldenkrais Method to enhance performance, to make the impossible possible and the easy elegant. She offers private sessions, ongoing classes and workshops year round.